Sisterland and Everybody Has Everything

I read these books at the same time and was not in the mood for either when I picked them up. Taking the chance was worth it.

Both books are an honest look on modern couples, parenting, and friendships, looking at these things in a way that I want to say is unique to a certain age group – but perhaps that is naive..after all, sex isn’t anything new. Nor are qualms of parenting and the many layers of a relationship between a man and a woman. Perhaps it is simply that the way that books are written that is new – fresh and honest and they do not always make for particularly comfortable reading.

But they are rewarding.

Everybody Has Everything by -Katrina Onstad tells the tale of  Ana and James, a couple that have (post-fertility treatments) given up on having a child, until a terrible accident makes them custodians of their friend’s toddler. What that means for James, through whom the tale is told, and Ana  is unpredictably different.

Curtis Sittenfeld’s story, Sisterland is also a story of parenting, and marital relationships with another couple and yet the central relationship of the story is that of of Kate and Violet – twin sisters who ‘have senses’.

While I am certain that you will find more information about each book from other reviews allow me to simply say I recommend that you come to them without knowledge, and enjoy their explorations into modern life.

You can buy Sisterland or Everybody has Everythingon Amazon, or if you are lucky at your local bookstore or borrow it from the library.

Sisterland – Curtis Sittenfeld

Random House (June 25, 2013)

446 pages

NYT book Review of Sisterland

Everybody Has Everything – Katrina Onstad

– 336 pages

– Hachette Book Group

– Grand Central Publishing


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