The Never List – Koethi Zan

Sarah and Jennifer had been friends for a long time and only became closer after Jennifer’s mother died.  To try and protect themselves from potential dangers in the world they began writing “The Never List” rules to keep them safe.  Of course, sometimes precautions just don’t pan out.

At university they always arranged to have a car to come pick them up so that they didn’t have to chance strangers vehicles, drunken friends, or being outside where they might be subject to any potential dangers.  After a slightly out of character evening with friends they jump into the car they ordered only realizing too late that their worst nightmares were about to come true.

Sarah spent three years chained to a wall in Jack Derber’s basement with two other women and her friend, Jennifer hidden in a box in the center of the room. Sarah escaped, but Jennifer didn’t.

The present day brings us to Sarah who has secluded herself in an impregnable fortress of her pristine, secure apartment building in NYC.  A doorman, triple bolts, and everything delivered to her door so that she can protect herself from any interactions with the outside world. Until her past forces her into action.

The FBI agent who helped to save Sarah and the other girls in the basement (Christine and Tracy) breaches her stronghold to tell her that Derber is up for parole and has written her a letter.

Sarah is forced to make some choices and is launched into a journey that will take her across the country and into her past to solve the mystery of where her friend is buried.

Jeffrey Deaver said “Throat clutching from the outset! The Never List stands as a sterling example of psychological thriller writing at its best.  Cancel appointments and give up on sleep.  It’s that kind of book”.

Koethi Zan was born and raised in rural Alabama, earned her JD from Yale went to work in entertainment law for more than 15 years and she has a lot of nightmares.  For more than 10 years here very worst nightmare was being kidnapped and held in a basement by her tormentor.  She has done mountains of research about all known cases and sees reading psychological thrillers as a way of managing her own fears.  If ‘abc’ happens then I can do ‘xyz’.  It is from these “perverse fixations” (her words) that “The Never List” was born.

If you want to add The Never List to your collection you can do so through Amazon, or if you’re lucky your local bookstore or borrow it from your  library.

Publisher Pamela Dorman Books (July 16, 2013)


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