Humboldt : Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier – Emily Brady

Beginning in the sixties a lot of people joined the ‘Back to the Landers’ in an effort to live closer to the earth and ‘be the change’ that they wished to see in the world.  For many in Humboldt County, under the beauty and grandeur of the Redwoods in the wilds of Northern California, this meant growing marijuana for a living.

Through a narrative of investigative journalism, Emily Brady illustrates the people and struggles of this relatively unique area through they eyes of its residents. While she interviewed hundreds (“some days it felt like everyone”) she offers a glimpse into life in Humboldt from the perspective of four representative people.  ‘Mare’ the older hippy woman and one of the original residents who grows only a few plants to supplement her income.  ‘Crockett’ who is second generation but works for others, grows and sells as much marijuana as possible.  ‘Bob’ the local police officer who is trying to do his job in the most respectful way possible considering that he is living in a county where most people make their money through an illegal industry that may or may not gain legality in the near future.  And Ms. Worldpeace, a girl who grew up in Humboldt, moved away, and realized that her childhood was very different from that of most other people she meets in Berkley.

Ms. Brady’s presentation seems to be a fairly honest representation of the lives of those living in Humboldt County and through their individual perspectives she captures a lot o the issues that are being raised about marijuana and the cannabis sales o both a national level and a (Humboldt) local level.

It as an interesting and quick read that will almost certainly shed light on a culture with which many are unfamiliar.

This book will be available on Amazon on June 18, you can order it now or make a note to ask for it at your local bookstore or library.

  • Hardcover: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (June 18, 2013)

Also, I have been trying to include fellow wordpress bloggers reviews for each book I write up and there weren’t any for Humboldt. If you want a flavor of the wide variety of activism in the upper northeast, please check out the Humboldt Activist.


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