The Returned – Jason Mott

I was intrigued by this book even before I heard the hype. “Brad Pitt has purchased the rights to this book as a TV Series – It’s shooting in 2014!” “All the women who have met Jason Mott have crushes and all the men want to start bro-mances, he is SUCH a great guy!”

However the only thing that tells you about the book is that people are talking. I’m here to say it’s for a good reason. This book made me a bad mom…I’ll make your lunch after I finish the next chapter…10 pages!”

What makes the book so compelling is somewhat difficult to describe. We are introduced to Harold and Lucille Hargrave, an elderly couple who are spending their years doing what most elderly couples do – read, church, tv…up until the moment when a gentleman brings a child to their door. This child, is one of the first of the returned – their son who died in 1966 and looks the same as he did the day he died having drowned in the river behind their home.

How this couple reacts, and the town and country reacts to the increasing phenomenon of “The Returned” is fascinating.  I just kept reading and reading wanting to know the answer – what would happen, will we find out what caused this – how will this resolve itself?

I was very surprised to discover, about half way through the book – that I was a little “more all right” with those loved ones that I had lost.  That their passing was suddenly – a little less painful.  I can neither explain nor promise that you will have the same reaction but I thank you for it Mr. Mott.

If you are looking for something different, that will entertain and provoke you this fall, I strongly recommend The Returned – due to come out in September 2013.

In the meantime “The First” sometimes referred to as “The Returned part o.5” is already available…if you are on a Kindle it’s  free I haven’t read it yet…downloaded but…

Here is what you Jason Mott has to say about his three spin off stories:

From Jason Mott’s introduction for Kindle Readers:

“The FIrst”  is about a man named Edmund Blithe, who died suddenly when he was struck by a bus while on his way to work, leaving behind a fiancee to grieve the loss.  Edmund is the first of the Returned, and it is his mysterious homecoming that sparks the global upheaval in the novel.  He is mentioned only in passing, but as the impetus for the events in the novel, I was compelled to bring his to try to life in a bigger way, and to illuminate the complex range of emotions of lovers being reunited after tragedy has torn them apart.  It has been a year since Edmund’s death, and his fiancee has only just begun to let him go.  When she is faced with his return, she is naturally confronted with a mixture of disbelief, fear, relief and elations.  With this story, I wanted to examine a loss that was still new – a love only freshly resigned- and to explore the transcendent powers of the truest kind of love “”

He also has two other stories, The Sparrow, and The Choice.  After he describes each of them he says “Ultimately, my sincerest hope is that these stories encourage you to reflect on the people you care about.  The goal of The Returned is not simply to brood on death and loss, but to remind us that our loved ones are always a part of our lives, whether we hold them close in the late-night hours, or let the bonds with which we cling to their memories slip and slowly drift away.”

You can pre-order The Returned from Amazon, make a note to buy it from your local bookstore or put a hold on it at your library.

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