Always Watching – Chevy Stevens

Heather Simeon, a fragile, beautiful young woman comes into Dr. Nadine Lavoie’s hospital having tried to take her own life.  Perennially sad, she is currently suffering from the emotional aftermath of a miscarriage and the guilt she feels that her own actions may have caused her to lose the baby.   Dr. Lavoie learns that it is not simply a matter of the collateral guilt that women typically feel during this time, but something more.

As Heather’s story unfolds, Dr. Lavoie begins to realize that the spiritual center that Heather is talking about is a re-incarnation of a commune where she spent time with her brother and unstable mother as a teenager.

One of the most compelling things about Dr. Lavoie is that she is very human.  Though she is a respected, successful psychologist she doesn’t have a picture perfect life. After the death of her husband their daughter ran away from home. As Lavoie struggles to piece together her past, help those under her care, she uses her free time to try and find her daughter on the streets of British Columbia.

The story becomes more and more taut as we journey with Lavoie to see if she will  be able to break down the walls of her past in order to save herself, her patient, and her daughter.

You can pre-order Always Watching on Amazon or mark your calendar for June 18th to get it from your local book store

*Readers were first initially introduced to as a peripheral character in Chevy Stevens first book, Still Missing.

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  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (June 18, 2013)

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