Trout Reflections : A Natural History of the Trout and Its World – David M. Carroll

David M. Carroll is a consummate artist, essayist and observer of nature.  From his home in Warner, New Hampshire he explores the woodlands, swamps and hills avidly observing everything he comes across.  He records his observations in journals and in paintings and each of the books that he has written from these pages has reached a far-flung quiet success.  This is not a suspenseful page turner  Carroll brings your through reflections – lyrical and literal – of the trout and it’s surroundings from the beginning of the year to the end.  His passion for his subject seeps from every carefully chosen word. and brush stroke.




Trout Reflections

The book begins in the dead of winter “Between Snows” on 5 January “Between the snows in early January I walk out on to the mantle of ice and snow that covers the meadow pond.  I can walk on water now, walk over the world of the trout. The sky has gone as gray as the ice where wind-sweep has kept it clear of snow. Most of the small pond is a pure white plain, against which are set the black and straw-old scripts of emergent grass, rush, sedge and shrub; fine-lined writing on a white ground. ” (1)

What is so charming about Carroll’s writing is that through his leisurely detail rich story telling, the reader is drawn deeply into his world.  The landscape is so deftly described that as you walk along with him you can hear the blowing wind, the crush of snow beneath your feet.

Like most naturalists (in my reasonably limited experience) he is humble – aware of his strengths but his gentle awe of the world invites the reader in to join alongside him and discover the world together.

Trout Reflections
One of my favorite parts of the book is the text is artfully interrupted (if I were Carrol I would have a better word!) with his paintings and drawings -each capturing a moment in time.

This book would be enjoyed by trout fisherman, naturalists, and anyone who is appreciative of the natural world.

If you would like to purchase Trout Reflections from Amazon you can do so here or visit your favorite book store or library.

Other titles that David M. Carroll has written:

Swampwalker’s Journal : A Wetlands Year

Following the Water : A Hydromancer’s Notebook

A Year of the Turtle : A Natural History

Self Portrait With Turtles : A Memoir

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