I Could Pee on This : And Other Poems by Cats – Fracesco Marciuliano

There are cat lovers and there are dogs lovers and then there are people like me who house a ridiculous number and wide variety of animals.  My feline companion, Magic Man the Female Kitten is my first experience with the species.

I found her when I stopped by a garden center that had a ‘free kittens’ sign that I noticed (and drove by before turning around and circling back) as I drove my son and his friends home from a football game in the northern part of our state. (read far, far from home)

There were two kittens left, one of which was only dubiously alive.  I was given medication and sent on my way.  My son and I kept checking to see if she was still alive the rest of the way home.  We had been told they were both boys, named them and then learned their true female gender.  My vet looked at me like I had 5 heads, questioned my sanity and tried to treat the cats.  The healthier of the two died and we are left MMTFK.

ALL OF THIS to say that although I am not truly a cat person and only came by it later in life I found the poetry of transcribed by Francesco Marciluliano to be very true to the nature of our feline friends.

I expect that people who loathe cats would see this collection as a testimony to why dogs are better.  On the other hand, those who love cats will find this highly amusing.

One of my favorites “I Lick Your Nose” is below:

“I lick your nose

I lick your nose again

I drag my claws down your eyelids

Oh, you’re up? Feed me.”


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