Someday, Someday Maybe – Lauren Graham

Someday, Someday Maybe is a book about 27 year old Franny Bankes who gave herself 3 years to make it in acting in the big city (NYC for you west-coasters).   The book is set in the 90’s (ish) making it a somewhat endearing flashback on what life was like for actors at that time.

We are provided with pictures of Franny’s Filofax pages full of hand written notes and doodles about her resolutions, work schedule, and general state of mind over the course of the six months that she has set for her make it or break it NYC acting career.  She is a funny, upbeat, deeply like-able character and her room mates, Jane and Dan, are perfect foils.

While her route through some ups and downs, then downs, and more downs before she swings back up are somewhat predictable you will want to see how Franny (and Lauren!) pull it all off.

The book was a delight that I would happily recommend for summer reading.

I almost wish that I did not know who wrote this book before I read it.  I feel that Lauren Graham’s voice, or at least the voice we know from Gilmore Girls and Parenthood comes through so clearly. I mean, her voice is pretty distinctive, right?

As I am fond of her you can take that as a compliment, I only wish that I could say that I had read the book and was said, I bet Lauren Graham would be perfect for this character!.

(More Digression) While I was never ‘in the business’ I had friends who were (my husband) and I remember all of the ridiculous things that aspiring actors had to have in order to keep ‘in the game’- a service (to appear to be more professional), a fax (to receive information about auditions),  as well as all the things she doesn’t mention, a beeper, printed head-shots, resume’s, etc., etc., It all seems so ridiculous now especially consider the nearly non-existent income that so many hopefuls have…ahhh – those days.

Coming out April 30 – You can pre-order on Amazon Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Novel or make a note to visit your local bookstore (If you’re lucky enough to have one!)

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